Monster Fans




What is a MonsterFan1?

Some call these products “Big Fans”, others name them “HVLS Fans”. We simply name them “MonsterFans”. For a good reason: Because they do a Monster job. Our fans essentially move massive volumes of air at a very low rotational speed (typically from 20-95 RPM). Hence, the name HVLS which stands for High Volume, Low Speed. It’s simple, but ingenious.

“The real world is where
the Monsters are”

– Rick Riordan, Author of Percy Jackson

MonsterFans Products

MonsterFans are engineered and crafted from the finest materials. We use high grade aluminum foils, German motors and premium electronic components to manage our fans. Couple that with its outstanding performance and you get the best fans with top operational economics. No less.

The Monster Benefit

The name of the game is cooling in summer and saving energy in winter. The two principles of our fans are quite simple: 1. In summer moving air provides a perception of lower temperatures (around 5ºC) and therefore significantly higher comfort to employees. 2. In winter, our ceiling fans take the naturally rising warm air under the ceiling and distribute it evenly in the building – at a very slow speed. This process is called destratification. This saves considerable energy costs. And that’s why MonsterFans pay for themselves.

Monster Applications

MonsterFans are most delighted to show their abilities in large spaces, e.g., in industrial environments such as production facilities & distribution centres. However, there are many more applications for HVLS MonsterFans such as airport buildings and gyms/fitness centres where a breeze of air provides considerable comfort. And get this: We were even told that cows give more milk when in proximity of MonsterFans. So, MonstersFans provide more comfort, save money and even give more milk! Who has ever thought we come up with such a crazy tag line?

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