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The Story behind MonsterFans

Picture of an HVLS-Fan, Big Fan, MonsterFans.


MonsterFans® have been conceived as a response to our key customers demanding industrial cooling solutions being effective and yet inexpensive in order to provide a solution for better employee comfort – especially during hot summers. Therefore, we have engineered and designed with passion MonsterFans with the objective of providing the best HVLS fan in the market: With superior performance at low operating cost, low investment and at premium quality. Oh, and it also had to look good.

At this point we had everything together, but a name. The heads in our Marketing Department were spinning. A few sessions later, MonsterFans was born (Thank you, Özgür!). And what we like the most: we developed a cute little monster icon giving our HVLS fans some empathy. Hurrah! MonsterFans were born and a success story started…

We hope you will enjoy our MonsterFans. Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson, rightly quoted “The real world is where the Monsters are…” A far-sighted vision, we think…

In this sense, stay comfortable.

Oliver Schwank

Oliver Schwank, Owner of the Schwank Group and MonsterFans.

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