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Picture of an HVLS-Fan, Big Fan, MonsterFans.
HVLS-Fan in a Production Facility, MonsterFans.

Production Facilities

HVLS fans are perfect for industrial buildings for cooling down your employees.

HVLS-Fan in an Airport Building, MonsterFans.

Airport Buildings

For increased comfort of passengers.

HVLS-Fan in a Distribution Centre, MonsterFans.

Distribution Centres / Warehouses

Additional air movement provided by big fans brings enormous comfort into the loading or sorting areas.

HVLS-Fan in a Shopping Mall, MonsterFans.

Shopping Malls

MonsterFans’ air movement delivers a high level of comfort to shopping centre visitors.

HVLS-Fan in a Gym/ Sports Studio, MonsterFans.

Gyms / Fitness Centres

Extra movement of air is important to the comfort and healthier than air conditioning.

HVLS-Fan in a Cowbarn, MonsterFans.

Cow Barns

HVLS fans can prevent heat stress of cows and they produce more milk because of their well-being.

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