The Monster Playground

Picture of an HVLS-Fan, Big Fan, MonsterFans.
HVLS-Fan in a Production Facility, MonsterFans.

Production Facilities

HVLS fans are perfect for industrial buildings for cooling down your employees.

HVLS-Fan in an Airport Building, MonsterFans.

Airport Buildings

For increased comfort of passengers.

HVLS-Fan in a Distribution Centre, MonsterFans.

Distribution Centres / Warehouses

Additional air movement provided by big fans brings enormous comfort into the loading or sorting areas.

The use of large fans in commercial settings

Shopping Malls

MonsterFans’ air movement delivers a high level of comfort to shopping centre visitors.

HVLS-Fan in a Gym/ Sports Studio, MonsterFans.

Gyms / Fitness Centres

Extra movement of air is important to the comfort and healthier than air conditioning.

HVLS-Fan in a Cowbarn, MonsterFans.

Cow Barns

HVLS fans can prevent heat stress of cows and they produce more milk because of their well-being.

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