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Differently Sized MonsterFans for Your Monster Comfort

Picture of an HVLS-Fan, Big Fan, MonsterFans.
Product-Picture of the MonsterFan MF-C12, an HVLS Fan.


Our Smallest Hero

This 3.6 m (12 ft.) diameter HVLS fan works with speeds of 10-95 RPM. This MonsterFan can be used for areas of up to 630 m².

Product-Picture of the MonsterFan MF-C16, an HVLS Fan.


The Allround Monster

To provide a cool breeze for areas up to 850 m² this MonsterFan rotates with 10-75 RPM. The HVLS fan has a size of 4.9 m (16 ft.).

Product-Picture of the MonsterFan MF-C24, an HVLS Fan.


When Size Matters

The 7.3 m (24 ft.) diameter MonsterFan delivers speeds of 10-55 RPM. These specific HVLS ceiling fans can handle massive areas of up to 1,800 m².

Suspension Variants

For each Monster application the right mounting set

Standard mounting set for I-Beam (included in the delivery)

Mounting set for beam structure

Mounting set for side mount on concrete

A Monster Control Box

Comfort is key. The very simply designed control box enables you to manage the speed of your HVLS fans. Each fan comes with it’s own control box.

Controlbox des MonsterFans, eines Großventilators für die Industrie.


MonsterFans are fed with the best possible technology of both material and electrical components. For the blades of our HVLS fans we use light weight aluminum known from the professional aviation industry. Coupled with the high quality motor our MonsterFans offer an outstanding performance and longevity.

High Comfort

High Energy Savings

Long Lifetime

Very Quiet

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