How Do MonsterFans Perform in Summer and in Winter?

Picture of an HVLS-Fan, Big Fan, MonsterFans.


Cool in Summer.

In hot summers, our MonsterFans provide a cool breeze by moving high volumes of air at low speed (HVLS fans). As the breeze passes over the skin, the apparent temperature is reduced by 5º C (10° F). Therefore, the MonsterFans ceiling fans are creating an improved level of comfort at very low operating costs.

Principle of HVLS Fans in summer.

Cost savings in Winter.

In wintertime when heating large buildings, the heat naturally rises to the ceiling and is of no use to the people on the floor. In this case, heat is being wasted. With our MonsterFans you can bring that unused heat down to the floor (destratification) and distribute it evenly within the building. This saves considerable operating costs for the heating system.

Without MONSTERFANS     

Stratification of temperature levels


Destratifiaction due to slow air movement


MonsterFans: Ceiling Fans for Summer & Winter Helping Achieve More Comfort While Saving Costs.

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