…relies on MonsterFans (HVLS fans) for its distribution centres


Amazon, the world’s largest internet retailer, has long been concerned not only with growth and profitability. In Germany in particular, critical reports on local working conditions have prompted the internet giant to rethink its approach. Part of Amazon’s new mission is to make the company sustainable for employees, customers, and the community. The company aims to make its sites and supply chains CO₂-neutral.

With more than 2,000 distribution centres worldwide and more than 110 distribution centres in Germany, this represents a real challenge, especially in terms of building technology. The distribution centre built in Neu-Ulm also had to meet these requirements.

HVLS Ventilatoren von MonsterFans in einer Amazon Halle.


The planning guidelines for the 3,900 m2 distribution centre reflect Amazon’s new sustainability philosophy. The complete air-conditioning concept for the 12m tall buildings, was to be implemented with maximum possible efficiency. An important requirement was to avoid any temperature differences that occur in winter due to air layers between the floor and the building’s ceiling. During the summer months, on the other hand, a natural air movement was to be created in the work areas. The aim of this defined air movement is to increase the working comfort – thanks to the evaporation principle a pleasant sensation of coolness is created on the skin surface.


As an energy-saving heating system, the Amazon planning team chose Schwank tube heaters. For air de-stratification and defined air movement in the work areas, they relied on MonsterFans HVLS fans (High Volume, Low Speed) with a diameter of 7.3 meters. In contrast to a complex ventilation system, MonsterFans can be integrated relatively quickly and inexpensively into new and existing buildings. As the name suggests, HVLS fans move large volumes of air at a very low speed. Depending on the control setting of up to 783,000 m3/h.

In winter, the fans’ purpose is to mix the air layers (destratification). In the summer months, a gentle, hardly noticeable but extremely effective air movement is achieved. The evaporation on the skin surface of the employees acts like an air conditioning system of natural character. This reduces the sensation temperature and increases comfort significantly.


In addition to the tube heaters, it is the HVLS fans by MonsterFans that fully meet the requirements of the climate concept. Working comfort and the productivity of the employees increase considerably thanks to the natural cooling effect, especially in the summer months. The ambient temperature drops by around 5 °C, which is equivalent to the effect of a pleasant air conditioning system.

Further, these HVLS fans are also convincing during winter. Compared to buildings of the same design without the use of MonsterFans, there is an energy saving of around 7%. Incidentally, conventional heating systems with higher temperature differences between the buildings’ floor and ceiling can save up to 20% in total energy costs.

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